General terms and conditions

Purpose of the Website:

The website serves as an information platform for dog owners and enthusiasts. It provides the opportunity to view different dog breeds and access weight curves as reference values. These weight curves are solely for guidance and do not guarantee the actual weight development of a specific dog breed. The website also allows users to view dogs of other registered users. Additionally, there is a blog section where both the website operator and other users can publish articles on dog-related topics. The website also contains images for which the website operator holds the necessary license rights.


In order to utilize the advanced features of the website, users must register. Various registration options are available, including providing their name, email address, and password, or using Google, Facebook, or Apple logins. When registering via email address, confirmation is required, for which the user will receive an email with a verification link.

Creation and Tracking of Dogs:

Registered users have the ability to create their own dogs on the website. They need to provide the dog's name, date of birth, breed, gender, and desired target weight. Users can also choose whether the dog will be publicly displayed. They can upload pictures of their dogs and track their weight over time by entering the weighing date and weight. The website generates a chart that shows the dog's weight in relation to the reference weight curve. It is explicitly stated that the reference weight curve is provided as a guide and does not guarantee the actual weight development. For health-related concerns, users are advised to consult a veterinarian.

Image Rights:

Users have the option to upload pictures of their dogs to the website. However, it is important to note that all uploaded images are publicly accessible on the internet. By uploading images, users grant the website operator unrestricted rights to these images, including the right to reproduce and commercially use them. Users have no claims against the website operator regarding liability. However, users are obligated to ensure that they have the necessary rights to the uploaded images and that no copyright infringements are present. In case of violations, the website operator reserves the right to take all necessary legal steps and assert liability claims against the users.


The website displays advertisements. Users are not allowed to use ad blockers that prevent the display of advertisements. Advertising supports the website and enables the website operator to cover the costs of operation and content provision.


The website operator assumes no liability for any damages or losses arising from the use of the website or the use of the provided information. In particular, no warranty is given for the accuracy of the displayed reference weight curves. The use of the website is at the users' own risk. It is recommended to consult a veterinarian for health-related concerns.

Data Privacy:

The use of the website involves the collection, processing, and storage of personal data. The website operator is committed to complying with all applicable data protection regulations and treating user data confidentially. It is recommended to read the website's privacy policy for detailed information on the collection, processing, and storage of data.


For any disputes arising from the use of the website and these terms and conditions, the jurisdiction is determined by the location of the website operator. This means that local courts have jurisdiction in case of legal disputes.

Charges for Paid Content and Features:

The website operator reserves the right to make certain content and features of the website subject to charges. This means that users may need to pay a fee to access certain advanced content or features of the website. The website operator transparently informs users about any applicable costs and the conditions for accessing paid content and features.

Usage Rights for User-Generated Content:

Users who generate content such as articles or images on the website grant the website operator a non-exclusive, worldwide, and perpetual right to use this content. The website operator may reproduce, edit, publicly display, distribute, and use the generated content in promotional materials. Care will be taken to appropriately acknowledge the original authorship.

Termination of User Agreement:

The website operator reserves the right to terminate or modify the user agreement with users at any time. This may occur in case of violations of the terms and conditions, misuse of the website, or for legal reasons. In the event of termination, users have no entitlement to further access to their data or content on the website.

Intellectual Property:

All rights to intellectual property, including the website design, logo, trademarks, and other identifying marks, belong to the website operator. Users agree to respect these rights and refrain from taking any actions that would constitute an infringement of the website operator's intellectual property.

Limitation of Liability for Third Parties:

The website operator assumes no responsibility for content, products, or services advertised or linked by third parties on the website. Any transactions or interactions between users and third parties are conducted at the users' own risk. Any disputes or claims regarding third parties are beyond the responsibility of the website operator.

Applicable Law:

These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of the country in which the website operator is located. Any legal disputes or claims arising from the use of the website will be governed by the applicable laws of the jurisdiction of the website operator.